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A TruPayroll Employee

Al's Blog

This would actually end up linking to Al's Founder's Page blog entries

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Resources for Growing Your Business

here we can insert a different article for each monthly newsletter with some sort of helpful tip/how to for clients and their business.

Example- article about marketing on social media

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Important Payroll Dates

Important Payroll Dates:

here we can insert important upcoming reminders/dates regarding their payroll

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Congrats to Seven 0 One Bistro & Team!

Davide's done it again, only this time he's focusing on Peruvian, Japanese and Cuban cuisine.

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Company Culture: Perks or Values?

When most people think about company culture, their first thought is usually about the employees and their perks. Many don't realize that company culture is more than just the perks and benefits you offer, it’s about your company’s core values.

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