AndroidSPIN is dedicated to bringing you the latest Android news from around the globe; from hardware and software to general gossip and rumors, from the latest device modifications to full blown application reviews, we cover just about anything new on the Android scene. Owner, Simon Walker, realized quickly that finding good writers wasn't confined to his home state and soon had several writers in multiple states. Crossing over state lines is easy enough in a car, but when you involve different taxing agencies, things can become a little more dicey. Simon wasn't interested in research the various employer withholding obligations for each state he had a writer, so he had to come up with another solution, and viola, TruPayroll.

TruPayroll operates in all 50 states and provides filing support for federal and state agencies. This solution provided Simon with exactly what he needed. Taking advantage of direct deposit and the multi-state support, Simon can operate his business and process payroll whenever and where ever he likes!

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