Specializing in providing the finest quality food and service in a pleasant, tropical atmosphere is a passion for Cocomo's Grill owners, Scott & Bonnie Gibbs. They aim to create flavorful and unique, signature menu items and traditional fare at reasonable prices. Looking for vendor partners to offer the same expectation is sometimes difficult to find. For many years, Scott utilized another well-known payroll provider because he thought he was getting a fair value for the service he was being provided. When Scott discovered TruPayroll, he realized his other provider was providing him payroll services at mucher higher prices. TruPayroll helped Scott drop thousands of dollars to his bottom line cutting his payroll processing expenses by nearly 67%. His bookkeeper loved how easy payroll was to input and process, she recommended it to her other clients! Adding server tips and multiple pay rates for employees became a simple rather than a painful task. Cocomo's Grill 945 N Collier Blvd Marco Island, Florida www.cocomosgrill.com
Cocomo's Grill